• Premium Shave Bowl Pure Teak The Haskel By ARTTURI™

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    The ARTTURI™ Teak Haskel Bowl:

    There is a reason United States Battleships used teak on their decks. The wood repels water like a salty sailor at a ballroom event. Virtually impenetrable by water, and 100% termite unfriendly, this will be your last shave bowl. Multiple layers of Danish Oil are applied to this protecting and enhancing the wood for generations. Just reapply once or twice a year for decades of worry free use. Or you can send it back to us for a free polish, and treatment. We never stop providing customer service to  our customers and their handcrafted ARTTURI™ products.

    Invest in yourself, enjoy supreme quality, lather in glory while you shave. These beautiful solid teak shave soap bowls are destined to last a life time.

    ALWAYS Add a brush - start with the entry level BB Shaving Brush with Complimentary Drip Stand or GO PRO with our original Premium Rekkr Silver Tip Badger Shave Brush or the more affordable Professional Rekkr II Mixed Badger Shave Brush

    Haskell is an Old Norse name, derived from the Old Norse personal name 'Asketill', itself derived from two words - 'oss' or 'ass', which means 'God', and 'ketill', which meant 'sacrificial cauldron'. Ketill is a common element in most Old Norse names. The cauldron of God.

    Circumference 12 1/4" * Height w/ lid 2 5/16" - w/o 1 15/16" * Depth 1 3/4" * Diameter 3 1/4" * Base 4"