• BB Shaving Brush with Complimentary Drip Stand By ARTTURI™

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    This is a fine Best Badger Shaving Brush by ARTTURI™. Use this as an extra for your travel bag or everyday use. This 100% natural 'Best Badger' hair has a solid Birch handle with a gold finishing ring for years of use. This medium density knot is 20mm with a loft of 60mm. Don't forget to pick the color of your free drip stand, you'll need it to keep your brush in top condition.

    Best Badger

    Best Badger

    Best Badger

    Best badger offers a significant improvement in feel and quality over 'Pure Badger', the next lower grade. Best grade hair is harvested from large areas of the badger, including the belly area of the animal. The hair ranges in color from lighter brown to gray and has more color separation in the length of the hair, often referred to as "banded." Best badger hair has better water absorbing capabilities than pure badger, making it a more ideal brush for creating quality shaving lather, particularly with dense creams that require more water to properly hydrate when lathering.

    On the face, best grade hair has a softer feel and not as scratchy as pure; however, it still has some light scrubbiness to it and offers a good middle-of-the-road texture between the scratchy pure badgers and very soft super and silvertip grades. Many men have found that best graded brushes from reputable manufacturers, such as Simpson, Rooney, and Edwin Jagger, offer some of the best values in quality for the price. Many models in this grade are priced very reasonably and will provide outstanding results without compromising quality. This is our only commercially made brush, offered on Amazon, Ebay, Esty and limited secondary markets. You will always receive the lowest price on our website - we will guarantee it.

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    Use and Care

    ARTTURI™ recommends the same proper care of all shaving brushes. Our brush knots are  “overstuffed” with more delicate hairs for longevity and fullness. If the brush is abused or not washed & dried properly after each use, the hairs become more susceptible to damage and drop off.  The Best Badger heavier gauge of hair is easy to take care of since it sheds water. Just a few shakes and hand to dry on your specially made drip stand, and you're good!  Our brushes are capable of easily creating some of the richest and creamiest lather, making them a popular choice for men who want the finest quality of shaving brushes available. ARTTURI™ Silvertip Badger is always offered on our “Signature Series”. A good rule of thumb: About one bristle will be lost each shave. So, the larger the base, the longer it lasts. This secondary brush is still a meaty 20mm with a 60mm plume/loft. The Best Badger brush is warrantied for 1 year.