Silvertip Badger Brush Teak Premium by ARTTURI™

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Teak Silvertip Badger Brush by ARTTURI™

We turn, polish, and hand sand your Teak stem, applying five coats of Danish Oil, before affixing the premium silver tip 100% pure badger hair shave knot, (see below). We laser engraved our namesake and logo, then treat the brush again for  maximum water repellent capability while keeping the luster.  The Teak brush is by far the most affordable Premium shave brush we offer, with most companies selling the brush alone for $250 or more. At ARTTURI™ we want you to experience the best shave of your life - the wet shave, and do it affordably using our superior materials. We also want to make shaving fun again while you look your best with our products.  ARTTURI™ uses either Silvertip or Super Badger at the time of handcrafting, both are the best shave knots you can own, giving you superior lathering capability, years of use, with minimal care.  A good rule of thumb to know is: About one bristle will be lost each shave. So, the larger the base, the longer the shave knot will last. Ours are 27mm vice many commercial or even other artisans in the range of 21mm-26mm. Too big and it becomes a make up applicator, we can't have that now can we?!

The badger knot is a luxurious 27mm at the base, 40% larger than most brushes for greater lathering capability and longevity. It is also has a 67mm plume/loft from the base of the knot to the tip that gives a exfoliating property from every bristle. These are premium properties at an extremely affordable price. 

The ARTTURI™ Premium Silvertip Badger Knot

Silvertip Badger

Silvertip Badger

Found only around the neck area of the badger, Silvertip is the rarest and highest grade of badger hair. There is often a bit of confusion regarding the many authentic grades of badger hair. Some companies come up with their own name, or disguise lower grade badger hair, with prefixes such as; High, Purest, or Mixed or Super Pure. Silvertip hair is almost always sorted and graded by hand. This is based on very specific characteristics of softness and coloring. Unlike other grades, Silvertip has the most distinctive black and white banding, along with the softest most luxurious natural tip.

At ARTTURI™, our tips are never color treated, but left in their distinctive natural white to off-white color.  All badger knots in general, will create the best quality lathering characteristic, apart from horse, boar and other animals. Badger has the capability to produce a rich and dense lather, primarily due to the water absorbent capability, and balance of air, water and soap infusion between the hairs. The Silvertip knot has a very distinctive feel against your skin, some describe as velvety, with the best control, allowing lather to carry evenly throughout the entire application, quickly. There may be other "grades", self designating as better quality, such as “High Manchurian” or Super Silvertip etc…don’t get confused. Silvertip is the highest grade on the animal itself, and the industry recognized king of shave knots. 

The value for the dramatic increase in price for Silvertip, is often debatable. Silvertip is remarkably more 'velvety' over the face, vice  Pure Badger, which is firmer and a bit more coarse. Best Badger tends to shed water more than Silvertip, which allows a faster dry time, for our travel brush. That characteristic is a factor when designing travel brush.  The exfoliating properties actually derive from the different animals, rather than different grades. You will see a slight difference between a Pure and Silvertip knot. Lower qualities have less flexibility that leads to hair breakage and fall off.

ARTTURI™ will always guarantee the authenticity and quality of our products, especially the shave knot. Our brushes are recognized as the finest shave knot available in the world.  

Use and Care

Our knots are handmade, with more hair density, in comparison to our high end competitors. The additional hair creates greater brush fullness, and lather retention. We recommend rinsing and drying properly so the hairs don't become susceptible to additional damage and drop. ARTTURI™ recommends caring for the Silvertip knot just like you would all your fine shaving supplies.  Allow the brush to air dry, hair down, allowing water to drip off, thus realign naturally, and fluff back up. This hang and dry technique prevents the brush from typical bathroom damage such as sitting in a pool of water which creates rot.  A good rule of thumb: About one bristle will be lost each shave. So, the larger the base, the longer it lasts. ARTTURI™knots are a meaty 27mm, with a 67mm loft, the ideal size for premium performance.  ARTTURI™ will warranty your brush for the life of the knot; usually 12-20 years, although some have lasted 40 or more.

ARTTURI™ is a popular choice for men who demand the finest quality in the world.

HEIGHT: 63.8mm

BASE: 35.8mm

WEIGHT: 2.3/oz


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