Shave Bowl African Walnut with Malachite Inlay A Signature Series Collection by ARTTURI™

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These beautiful rare, deep striated, African Walnut shave bowls come with our logo inlay in pure Malachite. This is a popular mineral with its intense green color and beautiful banded masses. Polished, banded Malachite has been carved into ornaments and worn as jewelry for thousands of years, and in some ancient civilizations it was thought to be a protection from evil when worn as jewelry. We hand ground the stone to a fine powder, and used it as inlay material, for this bowl. We only found a few pieces of stock deemed worthy of piece work and enormous inlay labor. They turned out so beautiful after final polishing, we placed them in our Signature Series collection. 

HEIGHT: 63.6mm

BEAM: 104.30mm

WEIGHT: 11.2/oz


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