APRIL 2018 UPDATE - Tips from a friend below, and our standing items list in progress to launch soon. We can't wait! 

How to Prolong Your Shaving Brush’s Life

Never use water hotter than what you can endure for 10 seconds.

Your brush does not need to be sterilized; shaving soap is soap after all.

Do not mash the badger hairs; if you bend the hairs too much, you will cause breakage at the tips.

If you face/skin lather, do not press hard, use an appropriate brush designed to be used in that manner.

After use, rinse thoroughly, shake out any excess water, and dry the brush on a clean towel.

Clean the knot thoroughly by plunging the brush in clean water, until the water runs clear. This will remove excess soap and cut down on the amount of soap scum you may find.

Dry the brush in open air – DO NOT store a damp brush.

Allow your brush to completely dry before using again.

Soap and other minerals will eventually build up on your brush, a soak in a 50/50 vinegar solution for 30 seconds will remove most of these deposits.

DO NOT pull the bristles. When squeezing excess water out, simply squeeze the knot, do not pull the bristles.


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Update: Materials are here now! The fine tuning of the best shave soaps and balms that will blow your mind not your budget are in test mode. You may be asked to try some for free. Look for an email asking your participation.  

4. RETAIL LOCATIONS! E-Commerce PLUS RETAIL. Retail will full roll out in the mid-late summer on the East Coast. Specific locations will be provided. You can receive all the same products online as always with free shipping. LOTS of excitement there!

5. the newsletter is now quarterly, with blast coupons and updates for the keen wet shaver. Some deals will be so incredible you'll ask us if we made a pricing error!  We love wood and leathers so much, more inventory will be arriving but we still have some stock left of cow hide wallets or the famous signature - Crocs  With 306 sold in 2017 alone, all very happy customers, it's a hallmark achievement  

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