Using a mix of Nordic ruggedness, artisan craftsmanship, and some good old American ingenuity: we present ARTTURI. A brand of genuine, superior excellence in men's personal products.

ARTTURI is an eCommerce premier men's product line, surrounded by the likes of Simpson, Edwin Jagger, Muehle, Kent, and Parker.  We streamlined manufacturing space, warehouse storage, keeping costs reasonable for our valued customers.

Only high quality products can warrant the ARTTURI mark. We source and collaborate locally, only limited with some rare yet sustainable woods, and associated parts that just don’t grow here.  

Our valued customer is provided with superior service and our ARTTURI White Glove Service. You expect premium service when purchasing quality - we deliver.  ARTTURI stands apart from the competition beyond just affordability, we add an ironclad warranty. Our time is invested sourcing premium quality raw goods, ensuring your quality end product.   Each piece is extensively tested creating optimum lengths, weights, dry times, always matched with each grade of product. Before we turn a block of wood, or pour resin, a five point check list quality system must be met. It's AAA, or it's scrapped. 

The look and feel must be appealing enough to use on your body everyday, and most importantly we want you to tell somebody! Feedback allows us to shift designs, while making fresh custom products. If you don't like it, we don't like it. That flexibility brings creative resonance to ARTTURI.

We hope ARTTURI will meet your gift giving needs, while meeting your personal requirement of shaving excellence. It's only your face!  ARTTURI - Upgrade Your Life!

Have a suggestion or comment? Drop us a line, we love talking to our customers!  

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